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Alias issue

I have an alias address that I need to link to an existing mailbox. Until today, this alias was functioning solely as a forwarding address. We now need the address to function as both an incoming and outgoing address. 


I was able to successfully delete the address under the forwarding tab, so it is now non-functional as an incoming address. When I attempt to register this address with the existing mailbox in my acccount, I get the following error message: 


Error saving Alias data

Due to processing time, it will take up to 72 hours for this change to be reflected in your account.


It doesn't make any sense to me that this address will now be effectively dead for 72 hours while the system sorts itself out. 



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Re: Alias issue

Likely a few systems Comcast must update/clean out once that was deleted. I doubt it will take 72 hours, but it could definitely take a few. The extra time is really just to cover them in-case something does get held up. 

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