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Abysmally slow upload speeds


Abysmally slow upload speeds

I have a 150/20 connection, or at least that is what I am paying for. Every few months, suddenly and for no reason at all, my upload speed drops to a dismal speed of less than 1Mb/s. The downlaod speeds are not affected.


I have made several calls to support, after which they send someone out, who simply checks the lines and tells me everything is fine. No matter what I try to do, I am unable to get them to admit something is wrong. But there are several other people in my area who have said they are seeing slow connection speeds as well.


Here is an example traceroute from my location to the Google DNS:



traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 2.255 ms 0.995 ms 0.860 ms
2 ( 60.555 ms 94.533 ms 70.091 ms

3 ( 90.359 ms 51.527 ms 48.144 ms
4 73.546 ms 47.424 ms *
5 94.340 ms 87.857 ms *
6 * 100.026 ms 108.109 ms
7 * 22.182 ms 28.110 ms
8 ( 34.135 ms 20.465 ms *
9 ( 54.765 ms ( 473.887 ms ( 98.507 ms
10 ( 48.736 ms * 70.571 ms


Also, an example Speedtest result:


On this particular test, the upload was a whopping 1.41Mb/s. Usually it is less than 1.


I have tried everything imaginable: restarting everything in my network including the modem, plugging directly into the modem, etc... nothing has helped.


In the past, when this happens, it will last for a week or so, then suddenly vanish. But it comes back a few weeks or months later. It's a never-ending cycle. Please help, if there is anything you can do.

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Re: Abysmally slow upload speeds

Hi binksound.


I would like to review your internet services and see why you're having these speed issues. Please private message me your full name, the name of your business, the full service address and the phone number associated with your account. 


Re: Abysmally slow upload speeds

I am struggling with the exact same issue. I am seeing .2 Mbps which is completely unacceptable for 'business class'. I work from home and connections to my remote servers are timing out. I lose work. Have to start all over again, I might get 10 minutes in and it happens again.  This is Business Class!?!?


I have been dealing with it in Memphis since Feb 12. My issue has supposedly escalated to 'Tier 2' but Tier 2 is untouchable, unreachable. You don't call Tier 2, you sit by the phone and wait for Tier 2 to call you. God forbid you are on the toilet when Tier 2 calls because that is your one shot. You better pinch it off and take that call cause you might not get another one.


Every time I call support I get a different answer as to who is working on what and what the actual issue is. The person I am speaking with says "I am documenting everything on this ticket so the next agent knows...blah blah blah" I give the ticket reference to the next agent and they say "There are no notes here. I see that you don't have a Comcast modem so there is not much more I can do for you". They have tried to blame my modem, my router, VPN, the wiring in my building...all of which have been proven to not be the issue. The tech came out and said "There is no issue in your wiring. There is interference on the network and maintenance needs to 'sweep the node'. Someone will call you.". That was Feb 14th. More than two weeks later, still the same issue and the agents are still trying to blame my modem. No offers of a credit. No offers of any kind of resolution. If you think it's the modem, give me one of your modems and prove it.


It is absolutely infuriating. Meanwhile my work is suffering.

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Re: Abysmally slow upload speeds


Hi ShanePresley.


I can definitely assist with your internet services and review for any issues that may be causing this. Please private message me your full name, the name of your business, the full service address and the phone number associated with your account. 


Re: Abysmally slow upload speeds

Hi Phil,

I tried but I am getting this message:

You have reached the limit for number of private messages that you can send for now. Please try again later.


Hopefully this CR number will be enough to get you started:

CR 763 404 798





Re: Abysmally slow upload speeds

I have the same issue. The downloads are really good but I barely get more than 1Mbps. I have the service for under a week. Thought it was intermittent. But searching pointed me to multiple threads here. Also, customer support says it is because my modem is "not approved" even though the specs support 300Mbps connections. On the local network, the speeds are excellent. I can transfer media across the local net by an order of magnitude faster. Can't get this escalated. Everyone in the command chain blames it on "my own equipment" and pointed me to a list of "comcast approved modems".

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