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Abysmal customer service

We have business internet service at our home, as both my wife and I work from home. We depend heavily on uninterrupted service to get our work done and to generate revenue. Today, the service went out, and we then looked outside and saw a Comcast truck at the pole. I asked the technician how long the repair was going to take---since we didn't have a problem until the tech cut it off. He said---in a very gruff, rude and completely disinterested way---it'll be a while. So I ask, "What does that mean?" No response. It would have taken the guy two minutes to come to the house and tell us this was happening, but clearly that level of customer service doesn't exist with these people. I then called business customer service, and I got more of the same.


Comcast, you have HORRIBLE customer service. As soon as I can switch services, I will. I'd like to think that my business means something to these people, but obviously not. If I acted that way toward my customers, I'd go out of business.

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Re: Abysmal customer service

A proper response from him would have been to direct you to the customer portal or the 800 number. Though, him providing you with some type of ETA or small amount of information doesn't seem unresonable. Asking him to come to the house, though isn't good for a few reasons. 


While you may be ok with some random Comcast guy knocking at your door and saying maintenance is taking place, many aren't. Which could spark a big issue and it's something many people want to avoid. 

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