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5 years of headaches! Service worse now than before!

I have been a loyal comcast subscriber for many years. I have had business class off and on since 2007.

A few years ago, there was a new sports stadium constructed in my area of downtown. At that time, Comcast 

made a decision to install a second node in or near this new stadium. The idea was to split the usage of

Timewarner/Comcast user load between the two nodes.


Ever since Comcast did this, EVERYONE who is connecting to the node in or near the stadium, is having issues.

Constant outages, latency issues, rubberdanding bandwidth, poor phone service, dropped calls, static on the line, one or the other person cannot hear the other or both.


I have been connecting to this node for about 5 years (08TT2), and have been at three different service addresses.

I've had 48 service calls, just in the past 3 years.. I've had the trunk line, coming from the pole, into the building, replaced by

a line tech. I have had service techs, check and recheck the wiring in my building, and even disconnect the aerial antenna, for brodcast tv, because it was causing feed back on my circuit.


Just these past 90 days, I have had over a dozen service outages, that have cost me clientele, and revenue.

The building I currently have service in, is wired for cable service, and other ISPs do not have the capablity, or

the bandwidth to support my usage needs.  So I am stuck with this nightmare of a company.


I have received credit after credit, on my account, but the service is still broken, and I refuse to keep paying for faulty service. From my point of view, Comcast is in breech of contract, and they refuse to rectify the situation, by actually fixing the the hardware on their network, to correct the ongoing issues.


Two or three years ago, I was told by a supposed service tech "supervisor," that the issues I was (and still am) experiencing, would be escellated to a network engineer. And guess what... it never happened.


With so many credits on my account, they will not issue any more. I can't change ISPs. So I am at a loss. 


What are my legal options, and where do I stand legally? Should I persue legal action against Comcast for breech?


-Infuriatedby [Comcast] 

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Re: 5 years of headaches! Service worse now than before!

From what you say it sounds like that stadium may be putting some extra stress on the network and hurting other customers, but that's not something I'd expect to go on for long. It just doesn't make sense to let that go on for years as there really is no benefit to Comcast to do so. 


There has to be something else at play here. Though, figuring that out is the hard part. 

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