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4G Backup Solution Config options

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4G Backup Solution Config options

Currently we have Comcast Business in roughly 15 sites.  All are configured with a firewall directly behind it with a static IP to connect back to the main office via VPN.  If our router kicks over the the 4G I can live without access back to the main office, but with the static set on the firewall I woudl assume the 4G piece will not work.  Unless there is some steps we must take on our firewalls after this is installed.  I have seen very little Comcast documentation about what we would need to do. Does Comcast have this available,  Do we get IP addresses of the 4G devices to configure client owned devices to failover?

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Re: 4G Backup Solution Config options

Thanks for reaching out to our Comcast Busines Forums, BrianLowell. I could take a look at the Comcast network settings and see what's going on. Could you send me a private message with your full name and the phone number listed on the account?