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40% Packet loss

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40% Packet loss

Here's my setup: I have a 5 static IPs on this connection. I have 4 servers and a router for the rest of my network. Connections go as follow:


Modem: {

  Router: {

    Switch to all of my desktop computers


  Switch: {

    All of my servers





I can start a ping on my static IP gateway and get about 40% packet loss. I tried running this ping from my workstation (through my router), from one of my servers (directly connected to the modem) and from my router (also connected directly to my modem). They all show the same behavior and they all start dropping packets at the same time.


Here's another interesting issue: whenever I try to connect to my modem's web interface (, whenever I see packet loss, the modem's web interface also stops responding. I tried changing the cable between my modem and my router, same problem. I tried connecting my laptop directly to the modem and I still get the same problem.


I can ping anything within my local network and I have no problem. I can also ping my server's external IP addresses and have no problem either.


Now, I know that before I upgraded my internet connection, we had a 50mpbs connection with a Netgear modem. And when I logged in to the Netgear modem, the WAN address was a random IP address assigned from their DHCP. It was my understanding that any static IP routing was happening through a tunnel that was configured between the device and their network and everything was being tunneled through that IP, assigned by their DHCP server. Now, that Cisco modem is showing its WAN IP address to be my static IP's gateway. Maybe the modem has different capabilities, I don't know, but I never had any issue with the Netgear modem before.


Anyone else ever had an issue like that?Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.11.41 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.11.53 PM.pngFrom desktop - connected through router.

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Re: 40% Packet loss

Well, after 4 calls to the tech support and about an 2 hours wasted on trying to troubleshoot the problem, the lady on the phone was nice enough to pick up the phone and call their tier-2 support to find out (almost immediately) that there's a T3 timeout happening on my modem. Of course, the lady before last scheduled an appointment for a tech to come out to my place tomorrow, but after seeing the actual appointment, it was set for 2 days later. And that's not to mention the ticket that was open on the first call for tier-2 support that never called back.


Thanks for all that wasted time today, if only I could have known what was going on this morning when I called, maybe I could have gotten a sooner appointment. But now, I guess I'll just have to be at your mercy and wait until someone dares to call me to make this situation right.