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3rd Party VOIP Issue

I am attempting to hook up a 3rd Party VOIP phone in my home office with Comcast Business Interent. So far, we are having difficulties getting the system to work. Are there any setting in your firewall that could maybe prevent a 3rd Party VOIP system from working?

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Re: 3rd Party VOIP Issue

Hello claustj11 and welcome,


There are many different VOIP manufacturers system uccessfully operating within the business community. If you could answer the following questions we may be able to provide additional assistance:

1. Is you VOIP server/controller using a Comcast Static IP? This is a necessary implementation due to the VOIP phones always needing to connect to a constant IP address within the VOIP server/controller.


2. Does your VOIP Server/controller require specific ports to be open for operation?


3. How many VOIP phones do you operate simultaneously?


4. What is your Comcast Internet speed?


5. What Comcast Gateway model do you have?


Look forward to hearing from you.


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