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2nd Day My Business Phone Service Stopped at Noon

I'm in Marietta Georgia, 30008 zip code. Around 11:30am both yesterday and today our phone service stopped. People call in and the phone rings but there is nothing there. We can't call out. We only get a busy signal to any number we call. We can't get any credit cards processed. I have had walk in customers that had to leave and go get cash because I can't take their credit card.


I can't get any response from Comcast. The 800 number tells me there is a problem in my zip code and it will be resolved by 5:10pm (10 minutes after we close, just great). Told me this yesterday and again today. How many more days will this happen?


My internet still works but if I try to log into Comcast Business it times out and says there's a problem logging into my account.


I don't even want to think about how much revenue I am losing with two days of half-assed phone service.


Anyone from Comcast going to respond to this? If you do you better have already credited my acount for two days of no service.


You know, I probably wouldn't be this annoyed if I could have spoke to one person from Comcast who just acted like they cared. The automated system is infuriating and it only compounds the frustration when the business log in is borked at the same time.



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Re: 2nd Day My Business Phone Service Stopped at Noon

Same thing in Jacksonville Florida 32204.  Before Comcast website quit working, the support page said to reset modem via reset button on back to restore service.  Before I could do this the phone rang with a telemarketer.  Phones are operating normally for now.  The reset may or may not work as I did not get to test it.  May help?  Good luck.

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