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xfinitywifi: Unable to disable


xfinitywifi: Unable to disable



I have tried to disable the xfinitywifi from within our business account, but the option is not present.  This post mentions the ability to do so, but this option is not present under any of the management options...


I know I can call in, but is there any alternatives?





Re: xfinitywifi: Unable to disable

They haven't checked the forums in several days. Probably will have to call in. I wish you good luck. Twice I have called for that and they first said that I wanted to change my wifi password. Second time they said I wanted to disable my private wifi. I had to get a supervisor/manager on the phone to get any sense made. They need to update the script they read when you call in and learn what a public hotspot they have on our modems is. 

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Re: xfinitywifi: Unable to disable

Hi soundguybob.


I just responded to your private message. Please send a reply there.