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Wifi Network Password truncation

Cisco DPC3941B

  1. No support for spaces in password although they are acceptable characters under 802.11i
  2. so instead convert my password "Password Example" (note the space) to 64 digit hex key ala (SSID: Fergusons, Password Example, cb851c7366e53a4ba8f63b2b8707d4c8de20ad2a6da6fa736ab58f31edb4c540)
  3. Works fine for a while
  4. whenever there is an outage or maybe its because I call into customer service ALL MY WIFI NETWORK PASSWORDS GET SET TO THIS EVEN THOUGH DIFFERENT SSID's HAVE DIFFERENT HEX KEYS: "EWUXDNCVJA7J3EF3"
  5. Please stop being bad
  6. don't try to help, this is onviousely a bug just fix it.  
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