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Problem with Public WiFi not resolved depsite being marked solved

Stop marking unresolved posts as resolved. There is no option to disable the access point at the link that is posted as many others have also stated. I pay a ridiculous premium for business class service and expect to actually have my issues resolved and not brushed off like Comcast does to residental service users.

I am sick of this being on with no way to turn it off. I regularly have groups of transients hanging around my business and harassing my customers for money while apparently logging on to the public WiFi with their smart phones.... seriously???. If I turn off the modem they scatter fairly quickly. So it's pretty obvious that this is the case. I want this turned off and I expect it to stay off. I am losing business and now online reviews are even giving my business poor reviews due to the transients hanging around and causing problems.
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Re: Problem with Public WiFi not resolved depsite being marked solved


Hi Poizonous. I responded to your private message. Please send a reply there. 

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