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Please stop all the junk mail -- I'm already a customer

I'm a Google employee with a Comcast business account. For some reason I get spam snail mail about once a week with great offers for Comcast Business internet, cable, etc etc. 


I already have Comcast service, obviously, so the marketing is wasted on me. And it's annoying that I have such a large volume of comcast junk mail to throw away. Please stop it. I'm Eric Nichols, in San Francisco.

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Re: Please stop all the junk mail -- I'm already a customer

Hello schenker28,


If you would like to opt out of marketing mailers you can do so here. Please be aware that it is possible you might still receive promotional mail within the next 45 - 60 days after making the request. After that, we will not send promotional mail to you with special offers or information about new products. If you are a current Comcast customer, you may still receive information or notifications regarding services to which you currently subscribe.

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