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Disabling Xfinity hotspot

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Disabling Xfinity hotspot

I'm wanting to disable the Xfinity hotspot on my modem, but the option is not available in my account when I try to follow the instructions.  Username is


Re: Disabling Xfinity hotspot

Same here.   Looked at this article:


The option to manage/disable is not there when I click "Manage Internet".  This was not enabled a couple weeks ago and now it's enabled again.  It's one reason why I switched to my own modem (well that and the fact the equipment fee is ridiculous.  I've gone back to the Comcast device since the line was having issues and this was the only way it would be troubleshooted.  Now either I go back to my customer owned equipment or disable the option again.  I have plenty of guest wifi that I control I don't want this enabled.