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Disable my xfinity public hotspot

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Disable my xfinity public hotspot

Back on Jan 15, 2016 I disabled xfinity public hotspot on my routers via the online Comcast web interface. I know this because we use a trouble ticket system and that's the date on the ticket.


An audit just showed these interfaces active again for both routers.


I just logged-in to the Comcast web interface and - boom - both routers show xfinity hotspot enabled.


I have "disabled" the xfinity public hotspot, but after reading the other tickets in this forum I see that Technical Support must be involved.


So here is what I want:


1) Public xfinity hotspot disabled.

2) Private wifi enabled.


I will provide any necessary information by private email, not published here. Please give me a link.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Disable my xfinity public hotspot

Hello andybrucelmco,


I'm having issues finding your account number. Can you please send me a private message with your account umber so I can turn xfinity wifi off? 


Thank you