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beanywhere takes down whole system


beanywhere takes down whole system

Small office 5 people  all accross the USA


Desk phones work great on a simple hunt group that rings the phones simtaneous


3 people use the beanywhere feature - works fine


1 beanywhere user in my case (ext 100) can bring the whole system down if he forgets to turn off his beanywhere option and gets on an airplane or if his cell battery dies.  


So if his cell phone losses connection to a cell tower for wahtever reason the whole hunt group dies.


The hunt group rings the phones once without giving the other folks a change to answer. Calls are missed until this cell phone comes back online


Any ideas? 




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Re: beanywhere takes down whole system


Hi mashvac and welcome to the business forums.


I would like to review your hunt group issue. Is this by chance a business account? Would the line having the issue be the directory (first line in the gunt group) number or would it be another line? If this is a business account, the directory line has to be dialed first to initiate the hunt group. To roll over to the next line, that line also has to be busy.


Re: beanywhere takes down whole system

HI Comcast_Phil 

Thanks for taking the time to answer


No,  the user with the problem is extension 100 but he is not the first listing in the Hunt group.  He is number 3  I didn't know that the listing order in the hunt group would matter. 


With a simultaneous hunt group - all phones ring at the same time.  When this user has his beanywhere on his cell will ring also along with his desk phone.  First one to answer the ring gets the call.  THe problem is,  if his cell phone loses connection with a cell tower the whole thing dies.  The hunt group doesn't work until his cell phone makes contact again.  


If he gets on a flight his system is down until he lands.   Unless of corse he turns beanwhere off before he gets on a plane. But users forget to do this kind of stuff. 


It's horrible



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Re: beanywhere takes down whole system




Please send me a private message and provide your first and last name, the name of your business, the full address of your location, and the phone number associated with your business location.

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