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Work Remote forwarding not working

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Work Remote forwarding not working

Hello! Recently, our work-remote call forward is not working. 


We have a scheduled call forward that forwards lines to our answering service after hours and holidays. WHen we need to forward lines for a random closure for a short meeting, we would have someone on the main hunt group turn on thier work-remote settings where the phone number to the answering service was the be-anywhere number.  This would transfer all calls coming into the main hunt group to the answering service. 


This week, all 3 sites have reported that this no longer works. Calls keep ringing and going thorugh the hunt sequence instead of forwarding. Please advise. Thank you!

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Re: Work Remote forwarding not working


Hi CathyAdams.


I would to assist with your voice forwarding feature. Please private message me the account number and the name of your business. 

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Re: Work Remote forwarding not working

Someone left me a voicemail on Wednesday with thier direct number. When I call this number it goes directly to voicemail. I've been calling for 3 days and have left messages. 3 offices are unable to go to lunch for the last week because of this issue. 

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Re: Work Remote forwarding not working

Hi Cathy. Unfortunetly, when the Huntgroup users do specific things to their phone like Call Forwarding or DND, the huntgroup can start acting a bit wonky.


The Easiest way to make your Call Forwarding work for Random Days would be to add in a schedule to each Group and Name it something along the lines of Random Time Off, this would be a Time Schedule.

Within this Time Schedule would be where you add your necessary time off.


To Apply this Schedule

Go to you Huntgroup

Select Advance Settings from the Left Under Huntgroup Profile

Add a New Call Forward Selective

In the Call Forward Selective Attributes

Name: Random Days off

Forward TN: Answering Service

Time Schedule: Random Time Off

Holiday Schedule: NONE



Make sure this is now turned on.


For this day on you will only need to go into the portal and Add in new days to the Schedule of Random Days off and not worry about the Call Forwarding Attributes.