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Time/Date out of sync

New Member

Time/Date out of sync

Can anyone please help me reset the time/date on my voiceedge system.  On the phone screen i get the message  

"Time/Date out of sync".  I have tried looking in the portal, searched the boards, tried the Help feature, but, can't find out how to do it...


Thanks in advance,

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Time/Date out of sync

Hello dmarmol,


Is your time/ date still not correct? 

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Re: Time/Date out of sync

I am having the same trouble with TIme/date out of sync on 1 out of our 5 phones.  How can I fix this?


Thank you for your help.

Official Employee

Re: Time/Date out of sync


Hi SaltCreek2.


I can help with the time displayed on your phone. It sounds like this phone may either need to be reset or even reconfigured. Have you already tried rebooting the phone already?