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Secretary-Manager Connection

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Secretary-Manager Connection

I have a secretary (extenson 4422) and her manager (4449).

The manager NEVER answers his line.


I need for the secretary to answer 4449 (from her phone) and then alert the manager (verbally) to pickup his phone.

I've been working with tech. support for months trying to fix this & so far nothing.


Tech support setup a shared call appearance (no luck)

Tech support even added a dummy extenson to the manager's phone (4123) and set this up as a SCA, so that when 4449 rings, the secretary can answer then "Transfer" the call to 4123.


Is it possible to have both line "visibly displayed on both phone", so that when 4422 answers, she can just place the call on HOLD, and the manager can pick it up.

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Re: Secretary-Manager Connection

Hi Secretary-Manager Connection and welcome to the business forums.


I would like to look into your calling issue. Please private message me your full name, the full address and the phone number(s) associated with the account. 

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Re: Secretary-Manager Connection

This is BASIC Shared call appearance. It works just fine and would/should do exactly what you are asking. I have set up hundreds of SCA's. I know it works and perhaps you need to start fresh, have the phone reset/wiped and and reload the config with your secretary's phone wiht her managers extension appearing on her phone. Anytime someone calls her boss's extension, she will physically see his/her extension blinking on her phone.  She can answer it, and  put him on hold, the manager would see his extension blinking. 




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