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Delete and then Delete Forever?

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Delete and then Delete Forever?

I have an extension that's just a voicemail box, it's not associated with a physical telephone.  I use it to catch marketing calls and that sort of thing, but it does get valid messages from time to time.  I use the transcription feature to get those messages via email and go from there, so there's no need for me to ever listen to any of the messages.  I'm at about 50% mailbox usage, so I need to clean the old messages out.


Using the portal, I was confused by the fact that after I deleted ~150 messages in 10 message blocks,  even after getting to zero, my usage bar still showed about 50%.  It appears that after deleting, I then have to go to the deleted messages and delete them AGAIN by selecting "delete forever"?  Any faster way to do this?

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Re: Delete and then Delete Forever?

Hi sevenshoes and welcome to the support forums.


I would like to look into your voicemail and review your remaining messages. Please private message me your account number, the name of your business and the number associated with the voicemail box. 

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