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trying to figure out how it works

The tech installed the system,took all day with MANY Mistakes, he handed us a guide and left!!! we are having many issues with the system to the point we are considering canceling! Why can't we get help on how to get this system to work for us rather than being frustrating???

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Re: trying to figure out how it works

Hi! Thanks for reaching out to Comcast and for your patience. I am sorry to learn that you have had this experience with one of our technicians and with many issues. I will do everything I can to provide a solution as quickly as possible. We will surely miss your business. As a consumer myself, I understand the frustration that is caused when you do not receive help in a timely manner. To get started would you mind clicking on my handle Comcast_Gabe and sending over a private message with your name, address, and account number or a phone number linked to the account so I can help? This can easily be accessed by logging into our business website through this link You will find your account number listed on the my account tab once you get logged in.

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