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support run arounds

I have tried 4 times to call into support regarding our receptionist phone this afternoon.  I have 18 phones in the office and 1 of them does not show on the receptionists phone at the front desk.  First support rep I spoke to said I have only 2 lines and asked if I got the equipment from Comcast.  I said yes, all equipment came from Comcast.  He asked me 2 more times if I was sure.  Am I freaking lieing?  Is that what you mean.  Christ.  OK ...I call my sales rep at Comcast to make sure of what I was saying or needed to say.  He said I have the BVE.  So I call the number I am calling is the number I get online for support when logged into my account.  Told the next rep what the first guy said, and I said I was on Business Voice Edge and he said, Oh you need to call this other number.  Geesh...wouldn't that be listed on my account?  Duh... So I wrote down the number he gave me and asked if he could transfer me.  Great...line rings one time and I get " the number you have dialed cannot be reached". You have to be kidding me right?  OK...trying to keep my cool, so I call the number the rep gave me.  It asked for the number I was calling about so I enter the number.  Next thing I know is the freaking recording tells me I have to call the freakin number I just called and was told to call the other number.  WFT Comcast.  Do you have support at all?  Maybe you need a support team to support your support team for Christ's sake.  How the hell am I supposed to get freakin support?

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Re: support run arounds

Hello dreagan,


Welcome to the forum.

We have referred this issue to our Regional Support Center to assist in resolution.  


Thank You

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