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retention department unwilling to work with customers

In july we finally got fed up with comcast's lack of functionality and inability to resolves issues. We finally were told that we had 4 simliar unresolved support issues, so we could break our contract without any termination fees. So we started shopping for another service and testing out new systems. We found something and started to setup service but they had some issues and there were some delays in getting setup. Now that we've ported our numbers from comcast and wanted to cancel service they tell us that they can't look back at our ticket history. Not so much, can't, but their exact word were "I wont look back at the history because our policy is 4 issues within the last 60 days". So because we didn't waste time and keep calling in about issues that they repeatedly couldn't fix, we are being told we are unable to early term without penalty. They want 800 dollars for the early term even though we signed up for their metro-e fiber service at 800 per month for 60 months ($48,000 Value). 


What I'm being told now is that nobody can help me and there is nobody else that I can talk to. They purposely have "rules" like this to lock people into their accounts. Their built for Business services are clearly not built for business, otherwise they would understand that you can't just cancel your phone service without having a new system in place. They know it'll take more than 60 days to switch 80+ phone numbers and that people will stop calling in about the same issues over and over when comcast can't help. They conveniently dont tell you that part of the early release clause.

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Re: retention department unwilling to work with customers

Hello ksadmin,


We appreciate your feedback and sincerely apologize for any frustration with the experience you received. If you still have any questions or need any assistance please send me a private message with your account number so we can investigate.


Thank you 

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