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Voicemail dissapearing

My company has had voice edge for over a year now. Today randomly voicemails are showing up

but when we go to access them it says we have no message and then the red blinking light disappears. Anyone have any expereince with this? I dont believe any settings or anything have

been changed. This just started today. Thanks


Andrew Turner

Parts Manager

North End Subaru


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Re: Voicemail dissapearing

Hey there! Thank you for your patience and for reaching out for help with the voice mail concern. You have reached the right place for help. I know I would also have the same concern if voicemails were randomly appearing but then you can’t access them. Let’s get that fixed. Please click on my handle (Comcast_Gabe) and send us a private message confirming if I am speaking with Andrew and your address so I can ensure I am working on the correct account.

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