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Voice Edge Set Up

Never in my life have I had such horrible customer support. We had the system installed on Monday.. and as of this afternoon we are still unable to receive calls. The phones were installed and *POOF* the tech was gone.. and we were left to fend for ourselves on how to set everything up...I have submitted no less than 6 tickets. When calling back to find out the status of my ticket.. which have been "elevated to a tier 2" I can never get the same person twice. Calls are passed off to other employee's who start the "ticket" process all over again. I have a business to run, two days without incomming calls is UNACCEPTABLE. I regreat switching over from 8 x 8. All the phones flash as if we have voice mail.. but no one can get through to make a call. When I call my voice mail box to see if a customer was able to get through.. it says I have no voice mail.. I will never recommend Comcast to any business owner. 

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Re: Voice Edge Set Up

Truly sorry to learn that you are having such a poor experience with installation and service. I would like to see what can be done to get this fixed for you. Please send us a private message to proceed. 

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