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USB Headset not supported by VoiceEdge?


I use a Plantronics Savi W430 USB headset.  I can no longer answer or hang up a call using the button on the headset.  There are also issues with not hearing dial tone or ringing when making outcalls.


Does Comcast plan to support USB headsets, including the Plantronic versions.  Is there a list of supporeted USB wireless headsets?  

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Re: USB Headset not supported by VoiceEdge?

I am having the same issue among other issues. There is a delay in connecting with the headset when making calls. I have the Plantronics Hub app installed and the VoiceEdge softphone is not recognized. The old softphone was.


Is there a list of supported headsets or are there plans to become a supported Softphone with Plantronics products?

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