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Transferring Calls through Be Anywhere

I'm trying to understand how the "transfer calls' option works on the Be Anywhere app and a few things that go along with transfering calls.


1. It's my understanding that when a call is transferred, it's a blind transfer. This means that the person I'm transferring the call to answers, they are automatically on the phone with both myself and the person I'm trying to transfer from.


2. There is no hold option. I can only mute myself prior to transferring a call. 


3. Assuming that the transfers are blind; is it possible to call the person that I'm transferring the call to, inform them of the situation, and then press the "merge calls" option instead. We would like to the give the employee the option of knowing who is calling for them and telling me whether or not they are available to talk (a warm transfer situation) rather than their phone ringing and them automatically being on the phone with myself and the client.


Thank you for your assistance.

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