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Transferring Calls intermittently Fails

Hi. My company just started this new phone system a few months ago and we seem to be getting this random intermittent issue of transfer calls not going through. This only happens to any one in the office's phone at any time. Example: Today I got a call, I've had several calls come in today that transferred fine, but this one kept kicking back to me. I would do all the same steps I normally do except when I think I'm done the call is back to me. I would hear my coworkers phone that I'm trying to transfer to ring once and then it would kick back to me. Now everything works fine again. This happens to everyone in the office at random times and is a hassle and nuisance for our staff and our customers whom we are trying to connect with the right party. Does anyone else have this issue or know if it can be fixed?

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Re: Transferring Calls intermittently Fails

Hi there! I'm so sorry for the delay. Due to increased volume, we're working to get to our valued customers as quickly as possible . Thanks so much for reaching out. You've absolutely reached the right place, and are in good hands. I will own this Issue for you and ensure that I provide the best help I can today. All I need is your full name, account number (follow link, account number is at the top right)and address including city, state, and zip code exactly how it reflects on the bill, and I can help you with whatever questions or concerns you may have. To protect your account, would you be able to respond by sending me a private note? 

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