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I downloaded the technical sheet of the Harris TM604G/CT I have for telephone service to see the codecs capability. Does anyone know what codec is in use in this telephone service service?


I ask because the Cisco DPC3939B gateway I must use in order to have telephone service thru comcast is hardly configurable, there is a Public WIFI that currently only technicians can turn off and it switches back on at will, reducing bandwith and degrading telephone sound. I wondered if the Harris equipment would speak ILBC which is a free and low bandwith codec.


Is there a choice to the Harris TM604G/CT I see is DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.1 is due this year.


Codec: G.711, 64 kbps, μ and A-law encoded speech;
Enhanced codec firmware support (G.726, G.728, G.729E);
T.38 Fax Relay;
DOCSIS 2.0 based;
PacketCable 1.0 & 1.5 based;
RFC3261 SIP: Session Initiation Protocol;
UL® 60950, FCC Part 15 Class B, CE


Is it posible to connect instead an Asterisk server, which has all those codecs and ILBC, would Comcast speak ILBC? would Comcast speak to an Asterisk server instead of the Harris?


thank you for your interest and comments


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Re: TM604G/CT

Perhaps this is easy to answer:


I have an Asterisk PBX server, it is capable to talk the same codecs as the Harris TM604G/CT.

As of today the Harris outputs the lines as POTS lines where I connect my Asterisk server.
Would Comcast let me skip that conversion and do a VOIP connection directly to their servers.

I would probably need a temporary number to use for testing until ready to disconnect the Harris.


thank you.

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Re: TM604G/CT

Hello aic and welcome,


Comcast uses the Arris TMXXX devices as dedicated Comcast Telephony Network devices for POTS. It only provides interconnection support to standard digital telephones. Although the Arris device specification may stipulate support of various codecs, etc, these are not supported for interconnect to any Asterisk PBX Server. However, Comcast does have customers where they interconnect their Arris device outputs to various Avaya systems for specific implementation, however, this type of support falls within the customer's court.


Hope this helps you out.    




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