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System seems incompatible with a Virtual Office set-up

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System seems incompatible with a Virtual Office set-up

When looking for a new phone system, I explained to the BVE salesperson that we used a virtual office system and was told that would be no problem with the BVE system.


What I need is a phone structure that works like this:


During hours

Customer dials our number

System autoforwards to Virtual Office receptionist who screens calls and then directs to the person responsible. Hunt groups are of no use to us.


After hours

Can either go to Virtual Office mailbox or our system. I simply don't care at this point.


I have been working with the system for months, and can either get it to forward everything to the receptionist (in which case we never get any phone messages because the system keeps bouncing it back to the receptionist) or everything goes into voicemail. I am missing dozens of calls a day and have the attorneys in my office telling clients and opposing counsel to call them on their cell phones because the business phones are so screwed up.


I have called the initial help line, but never got a response, only a promise of a call later. I have e-mailed, only to be told to refer to the user guides. Please help!

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Re: System seems incompatible with a Virtual Office set-up

Mine is a virtual number, there is no physical phone anywhere. All calls coming into my business are always forwarded to either a person working the phones during business hours or, to our answering service nights, weekends and holidays. Since they changed the system last month, the only way to get it to work is by going on line to > sign in > My Account > Services > Phone > Call Forwarding Always (2 STEPS: click the ON button in the lower left corner of that box, THEN CLICK THE "Call Forwarding Settings" link in the lower right corner of that box). From here, you can set the various parameters. I set all but the "Call Forwarding Always" (that is not a typo, it is another place but with the same name!) to our answering service. Anyone manning the phones will start the day by changing the Call Forwarding Always number in this window to their phone number (land or cell). At the end of the day, they repeat all the steps and change the final "Call Forwarding Always" nubmer to our answering service.

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Re: System seems incompatible with a Virtual Office set-up

Hi! Thanks for reaching. I can certainly help with the voice service concern. Please send a private message with your first/last name, your full address, and a phone number linked to the account so I can help.