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Suggestions for Business VoiceEdge!

The portal is not super user friendly.  Way too many clicks to get where I need to go.


For the Privacy feature.  Why are we limited to only 12 phone numbers - why can't it be continual?  I keep adding numbers to block daily to stop the robo calls.  I already have 192 phone numbers recorded.  It would be helpful incase the number recorded is already in one of the other pages.  Also do not have to hunt to which is the most current page to go into. 


Also - logging in.  Takes forever - you're Xfinity and boast about your internet speeds.  Can you fix your own site? 


Have the session last longer than 5 minutes before logging you out if you are idle.  I'm in this account multiple times per day. 


When I log in, can you Have it take me directly to Business Voice Edge at our main location?  I have to go through many clicks to get to where I need to go!


And lastly, when there's an outage, the forwarding to another phone number should be immediate!  When we had an outage today it took a long time until the first call made it to my cell phone (which is the forwarded number).  We missed numerous calls - which takes away business for us. 



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