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Softphone Fails to Activate

Any run into this problem. I just activated my 3rd site on BVE. At this location I can't get the softphone sign-in to work at all. It works just fine at the other locations. First error message I get after clicking sign in is enabling account and then enable account failed. I can provide screenshots if needed.

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Re: Softphone Fails to Activate

The 2 most common issues I see getting Softphone to work is either the service is not provisioned or set up correctly, or there is a problem with Username or Password. From your description, you are not even getting to the login screen, so I am guessing there is a problem with the set up. I would contact or normal VoiceEdge support line at 877-761-7401 and have them check all the setup related to Softphone for the line or lines involved. I hope this helps.
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