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Simultaneous ringing and call forwarding?

Hello, hoping to find a work around for this situation.


We have four office phones: two of those numbers are our main business numbers that we advertise, while the other two numbers are set up just for the office. We would like to set it up so that whenever either of the two main numbers are called, all four numbers ring. In addition, we would like to set up call forwarding for the two main numbers for after hours and weekends. 


The problem we ran into is using the Hunt group, which doesn't allow us to do Call Forwarding Selective. I have also tried setting up simultaneous ringing for the two main numbers, but it doesn't allow for me to have each on at the same time for the same numbers.


Anyone else have any other ideas?

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Re: Simultaneous ringing and call forwarding?

Thank you for reaching out to us about your Comcast Business account and phone service. I would like to take a closer look at your services to see what options are available that may allow this. Please send me a private message so we can get your account information and review in detail.

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