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Route incoming calls directly to AA and not HG first

Currently the main number is points to the main HG and the only way to go directly to AA is to change the HG forward call after waiting setting to 0s. This would be fine except that we'd prefer to have some AA prompts transfer to the main HG vs a CQ. Part of the reason for this is we want to ring more extensions than we have CQ licenses for and HG would allow this. The admin console doesn't appear to allow to you redirect the main # to an AA directly or create a second HG to avoid a loop of HG -> AA -> HG ->AA...etc. vs HG1 -> AA -> HG2 -> Ext. What are my options beyond buying more CQ licenses?

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Re: Route incoming calls directly to AA and not HG first

Hi there, thanks so much for reaching out in regards to your incoming calls and I'm happy to help. Can you please send a private message with your name, the full address, and phone number? 

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