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Readable Voicemail Now Available!

Business VoiceEdge now customers can elect to receive transcripts of their voicemail via email using our Readable Voicemail feature. The Readable Voicemail feature converts their voicemail to text using automated speech recognition.


All VoiceEdge customers are automatically eligible for this feature. They simply need to turn it on within the portal. Here’s how:


  • From the Portal Dashboard select Voicemail and Advanced.



  • The Advanced screen will appear with the default settings shown (see below).
  • Checking Enable Transcription of My Voicemail to enable the transcription of your voicemail into text.
  • This does not, however, enable the inclusion of transcribed messages in your email. In order to enable readable voicemail, also check the Attach Readable Voicemail to email notification checkbox at the bottom of the screen.



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Re: Readable Voicemail Now Available!

Just an additional tip. If you have Readable Voicemail set up, and you are not getting any notifications, you might have to whitelist or allow the domain on your email server. The voicemail to email notifications might be being blocked as spam.
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