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New User - Questions

Hello - I am new to this forum, so I hope I'm not overstepping my boundaries here by posting.


We just had the VoiceEdge service installed yesterday and I have a few questions after being in contact with the technicians for over two hours.


1) We recently had Comcast Business Voice service at our location with a main line and a rollover line. We know in past experiences here that telemarketing calls and robocalls are incredibly bad. It got so bad, I had to put our rollover line to reject all calls because we didn't want to deal with them. Most, if not all, people we know know our business line phone number and will call that number, which will rout though our auto attendant we set up and will enjoy, I'm sure. However, I would like those calling the individual phone lines associated with the phones (we have five set up) to either rout through the auto attendant or the lines be rejected from incoming calls, so people would be forced to use our regular phone number. Any possibilities?


2) Since we have five numbers (four in the office and one in a home office), I'd like to just have two voicemails. One for the four office phones for business hours and one for the home phone after hours. I've been setting them up as suggested, but I have to repeat the same spiel all over again with the same passcodes and my messages. Any chance I can get that to happen?


Thanks for your help.