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Multiple Automated Attendants


Multiple Automated Attendants


According to this link, our service, Business Voice Edge select, has up to 5 automated attendants. I do not understand how I enable the other 4 we would like to use. Under my "Manage Automated Attendat" tab I only see one attendent. I tried calling the number on the link, but they said I only had one attendant available. I need some information whether or not the service has one or 5 automated attendants. I am getting conflicting information from Comcast. If I do have 5, how do I enable more? I am trying to understand how the automated attendant works, any information to help me grasp the service would be great.


Thanks in advance!

Official Employee

Re: Multiple Automated Attendants


Hi rick1234567890.


I can certainly look into your auto-attendant. Just to confirm, do you have our Business VoiceEdge Select phones or do you our Business Voice Edge Enterprise services? Business Voice Edge Enterprise services would have multiple auto-attendants while our Business VoiceSelect services would only have one available auto-attendant.


For more information on the auto-attendant for VoiceEdge Select, you can see this following link: