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Hunt Groups and Voiceedge App

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Hunt Groups and Voiceedge App



We have as couple people that want to use the Be anywhere app but they are apart of the overflow hunt group causing the app to ring everytime the main line rings is there any way to set up the app to only ring on cell phone dirrected calls by DID or Transfer?



Re: Hunt Groups and Voiceedge App

The BeAnywhere feature is designed to ring the desk phone, and mobile phone on all incoming calls. That would be ext to ext calls, transfers, direct DID calls and Hunt Group calls. There is not a way to turn the feature off for just Hunt Group calls. There is another feature available called Sequential Ring. That feature has to be set up and activated using the VoiceEdge Feature Portal (not the Mobile App). With that feature, when you get an incoming call, it will ring the desk phone first for as many rings that you want, then if you dont answer, the call will then ring the mobile phone, and if you dont answer there, it goes to your business Voice Mail. The difference with Sequential Ring, is that it does not ring your mobile on Hunt Group calls. I hope this helps.