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Distinctive Ring should allow for more options

Please add more capabilities to change your "Distinctive Ring" settings. It would be very convenient to have the following options:

  • Add an option for a distinctive ring for internal callers - i.e. someone dialing you from another extension
  • Even more important would be the option to add a distinctive ring for external callers who dial your number directly. i.e. most of our external calls come in through the Hunt Group which rings all phones, so when someone dials our direct phone number, there's absolutely NO way of knowing if it's just your extension receiving a call or if it's the Hunt Group and therefore calls may be unanswered if we assume it's the Hunt Group and the receptionist will answer - which of course they do not if it's direct-dialed, because it's not ringing their phone. However the call recipient has no way of knowing that.

I am honestly surprised that such a large company like Comcast does not already offer these features.

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Re: Distinctive Ring should allow for more options

Hi  MarisaM and welcome to the business forums.


Glad that you reached out. I also see your other posts here:


Thanks for your suggestions on Distinctive Ring, Do Not Disturb and when transferring a call. I want to let you know that your feedback is appreciated and here for our corporation for review. 


Please let me know if you need anything.

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