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Different Voicemail When Line is Busy

For some reason when customers call our business line and the line is busy they get one of the standard voicemails instead of the one we recorded.  Why would there be a different voicemail when the line is in use versus when no one is able to pick up?



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Re: Different Voicemail When Line is Busy

Hello IDT Welcome to the Forum,


Sorry to hear about this issue. What could be possibly causing this issue is if you have Call Forwarding Busy or Call forward no answer turned on. If you are unfamiliar with these features what they do is if a new call comes in and you are busy of is the phone is not answered within a certain numbers of rings, it forwards to another number that has been entered into the system.


Here are the start codes to activate and deactivate this feature.


Call Forwarding Busy-           Activate: *90          Deactivate:*91

Call Forwarding No Answer-   Activate*92       Deactivate: *93


If you have any questions or if any problems come up please let us know,


Thank you

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