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Call forwarding/Tmobile

We are having problems with forwarding calls to a Tmobile cell phone.  Can answer the call but it will drop the call everytme after

12 seconds and last night the call forwarding would not work at all.  I have contacted both Comcast and Tmobile.  On the second call to Comcast I was told that Comcast was experiencing this problem with other Tmobile customers and would call back.  A week later after Comcast not calling back, I called again and was told that there were not open tickets showing there was a problem with Tmobile.  I have contacted Tmobile and they don't have an answer either.  I tried forwarding to a Verizon phone and a US cellular phone and have no problems.  Just wondering if any other customers are experiencing the same problem.

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Re: Call forwarding/Tmobile

Hello shg88 and welcome,


If you are still having issues with this please call 800-391-300, use technical , digital voice, and request the technical agent to check out all of your telephone switch and modem facilities, if all is well then have this agent open a Tier 2 ticket with examples of T-Mobile TNs that call a not CF to or are dropping to. This will be resolved if it is in fact a Comcast technical issue.


Hope this helps you out.


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