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Business Voice App Signing

I am trying to figure out which username and password to use for the business voice app?  It does not appear to be the phone number and voicemail pin.  Thank you for any  help?


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Re: Business Voice App Signing

HI ckp.   BVE customers who purchase a Unified Communication (UC) seat can download and use the BVE mobile app. The Business VoiceEdge Mobile App integrates a customer’s Business VoiceEdge phone with their iPhone or Android smartphone.


To login in to the mobile app, please use your BVE user login and password.   This is the same password used to log in to the BVE portal and the telephony toolbar.

Enter your VoiceEdge user login name.
  • Enter your VoiceEdge user login password
  • Select Keep me logged in to auto login on subsequent uses
  • Press Login button
  • After logging in for the first time, the customer will be asked to enter the details for their device for future use.
    • Enter a name for your device, e.g. “iphone”
    • Enter in the phone number of device
    • Hit “Save”

 For additional information here is the link to the VoiceEdge Mobile App Guide.


Thank You


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