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Billing with 2 different Federal Cost Recovery Fee charged, wondering why plz help

Dear Comcast customer care team,


Hope you are all doing well.  We are under Comcast VoiceEdge (Enterprise) contract and a foreign embassy with tax exempt.  The previous invoices were all fine with normal charges.  In the July invoice we just received, there are two different Federal Cost Recovery Fee charged, $9.47 (extra) and $3.09 (our regular one) on page 5 of Tax, Surcharges and Fees.  Would someone kindly take a detail look in our new bill (invoice # 104152886) and help explain how this extra charge occurred?  We need to explain any abnormal fees/charges to our accountant before processing any payment.   Thank you and hope someone can get back to me at your earliest conveniences.





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Re: Billing with 2 different Federal Cost Recovery Fee charged, wondering why plz help

Hi, Rachel! Thank you so much for your time spent today to reach out to Comcast and for your patience. As a customer myself, understand the inconvenience that this can cause you. I know I would want a bill explanation if I received any double charges. I will do everything I can to provide a solution to the billing concerns as quickly as possible. You have reached the perfect team to help! Over social media, we are a team of expert specialists that are diligent in providing solutions to billing issues such as this. It is known that there may be delayed responses during challenging times such as this. However, the great thing about reaching out to us is you can also ways pick up from where we left off at any time!


To get started, would you mind clicking on my handle Comcast_Gabe and sending over a private message with your name, address, and account number or a phone number linked to the account?  This can easily be accessed by logging into our business website through this link You will find your account number listed on the my account tab once you get logged in.


Thank you so much for being an amazing Comcast Business Enterprise customer. We are very honored by your business! Just so you are aware, the Federal Cost Recovery Fee is a fee assessed by Comcast to recover the cost of certain federal, state, and/or local impositions related to Voice, Video, and Ethernet Transport (ENS, EVPL, EPL) services. It is neither government mandated nor a tax. This fee includes components that may be calculated based on access lines, subscribers, or percentage of applicable charges. The amount may vary each month. Please let me know if this helps.

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