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BVE Automatic Hold/Retrieve

The hover message for User Account > Feature Settings > Advance Settings > Automatic Hold/Retrieve says


"Automatic Hold/Retrieve provides an alternate method to hold and retrieve calls. Incoming calls are automatically held and retrieved without having to use feature access codes."


But I can't find any documentation about the feature. Is there any way to find out what this does?

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Re: BVE Automatic Hold/Retrieve

Hi efreitag.  Automatic Hold/Retrieve enables users to automatically hold and retrieve incoming calls without requiring the use of feature access codes. This feature is especially useful for attendants managing a large volume of incoming calls by enabling them to hold calls by simply transferring the call to a dedicated parking stations. The feature is made active on that dedicated parking station. When an incoming call is transferred to that station, the call is automatically put on hold and provided music on hold. When the attendant wants to address the call, he/she simply retrieves the call by dialing the parking station number . A timer exists that automatically returns the call to the attendant after a specified time. 


Thank You

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