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Any ideas for a portable solution to Polycom VVX 311?

We have an employee who spends a good deal of time away from her desk in another part of the office.


She originally asked for a cordless phone, is there anything to get like this for the Polycom?


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Re: Any ideas for a portable solution to Polycom VVX 311?

Hi EricLStevens and welcome to the business forums. 

Thanks for reaching out regarding your phone. I am aware of a Polycom cordless set but I am not sure if it will work for your set up. My recommendation would be to speak with a phone vendor/contractor to see what is best for you. Please let me know if you need anything.

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Re: Any ideas for a portable solution to Polycom VVX 311?

Three options.

Requires a unified seat....

Option 1... The mobile phone app, provided she is willing to use her cell for "work". It will ring when here phone does and she can call out via the app and caller ID will display as if the call coming from the work number you have set.


Option2... Use a Plantronics Savi W440 ($180 on Amazon) with the downloadable softphone from Comcast. It provides the ability to answer and hang up calls while away from the desk, have good range away from the base unit and frees up your hands while on a call. She would have to return to her desk to call out. I have my grew on these.


Option 3... Most expensive...Plantronics Savi W740 ($250 on Amazon) with the adaptor cord for the Polycom phone ($50 on Amazon) allow the same features as the W440 but connects directly to the phone (and PC). no UC seat required.


It just takes an open mind from your employee to try something differant and learn a change in routine.



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