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Weird caller ID displays and no answer

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Weird caller ID displays and no answer

I've been receiving calls that have a weird call ID display such as V718103213000986.  There's a phone number that goes with it, but when these calls are answered, there's no one on the other end of the line and after about 10 seconds the phone disconnects.  I also get calls that have just a location name with the same issue.  There's no one on the other end.  Why does this happen?  This is a business line, and I hate to think I'm losing customers that are trying to get in touch with us!

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Re: Weird caller ID displays and no answer

Hi Deb2770 and welcome to the business forums.


I am sorry to hear about these calls. I would recommend using some of the security features for business voice services which can be found here:


You are also able to register your number on the National Do Not Call Registry found here:


Please let me know if you need anything.