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Unidentified issue porting from Google Voice

I've been using Google Voice for almost a year now with my Comcast business phone and its worked fine.  Lately, when I add my Comcast hunt group to my linked numbers on google voice, when I get a call in, it rings once and just goes straight to voicemail.  If I unlink the Comcast number it works just fine.  I decided it might be best to just port my google voice number over to Comcast.  I am getting mixed signals on if I can do that.  One rep said there is no problem doing it, they have done it before.  Then when we tried, they said my google voice number is "not serviceable" but I can't get any reason why.  Can someone help me figure this out please?

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Re: Unidentified issue porting from Google Voice

Hi there! I'm so sorry for the delay. During this time, we are doing our very best to make sure we respond to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for the information regarding your concern. I love using Google voice also, but I always seem to have issues when I try to set up multiple groups. It always seems to have an issue with my number.


Don't worry, you've absolutely reached the right place, and are in good hands. I will own this Issue for you and ensure that I provide the best help I can tonight.All I need is your full name, account number (follow link, account number is at the top right)and address including city, state, and zip code exactly how it reflects on the bill? 

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