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Setting Alternate Greetings Two Problems

Problem 1:

Cannot set a .wav file for our Personal greeting.

When we select a .wav file for our Personal greeting, then try to save that setting we get and error.

"We're sorry, but we are not able to update your information right now. Please try again."

Am I using the wrong file type?


Problem 2:

It appears now the we only have Default and Personal.

In the past we hade two voice mail greetings.

The first was for those times that all lines were busy.

The second greeting was for pickup after X number of rings (usually after hours, when no one answers the call).

Can was set a greeting for All Lines Busy, and a different greeting for no answer.

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Re: Setting Alternate Greetings Two Problems

I am having the same issues. I have uploaded a .wav file recored in 8Khz mono saved as ulaw etc and I error out. Help would be appreciated.

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