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Selective Call Rejection needs vast improvement

First of all, a limit of 20 lists of 12 is not enough.

All crooks and spammers flock daily like vultures and there is just no end to it.


Make blocking easier, possibly with CSV list upload.


Maybe something like this, with easy one-click ignore button without reloading the page (ajax API).


after.pngClick next to number to block it forever.



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Re: Selective Call Rejection needs vast improvement

I wasn't aware of the limit of 20 blocked lists of 12 numbers each. Being at 17, we'll be hitting our limit soon. But the biggest problem is that calls that are supposed to be blocked are still getting through. Along the same lines, if we can't block invalid numbers, why are they making it through at all? If a call comes in from "251-3" I can't block it because it's not valid. Not sure why Comcast is continuing to put us at the mercy of telemarketers and scammers.

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Re: Selective Call Rejection needs vast improvement

Hello taracpaoregon,


Sorry for the delayed response. I understand the frustration these unwanted communications can cause. With the blocked numbers, I would like to review how you are entering them into the system to see if there is something being done wrong or if I need to look into your current feature set. With the inbound calls from short numbers, as our features allow for call transferring between lines, our system utilizes smaller number sequences to do this; i.e. line 1 using the code 2513. Due to this feature our system does not allow us to block these smaller numbers. This is an issue that I will bring up to our system engineers for future updates. In the mean time when these types of calls occur please feel free to message one of the forum admins or to call us at 1-800-391-3000 and be sure to note the time of the call and the number that dialed in. With this information we can report the call to our Security Assurance team for further investigation.

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Re: Selective Call Rejection needs vast improvement

Xfinity has a pretty good system.  You just get a menu and you click "block" next to the culprit's name/number.  Business comcast needs this same thing.

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Re: Selective Call Rejection needs vast improvement


Hi Weary_of_spammers and welcome to the business forums.


I appreciate your feedback. I'll definitely have that forwarded for review. Please let me know if you need anything.

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