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Scam robocalls from fake "Google"


Scam robocalls from fake "Google"

We're getting 6 or more calls a day from different phone numbers in various parts of the country. There are a few versions of the message, but they all claim to be some division of Google attempting to update business or map information. I confirmed with Google that they do not contact customers this way. The purpose of the calls seems to be to get someone to hit 1 (to speak with someone) or 2 (to be taken off the list). Hitting 2 does not work, they keep calling. It would be hard or impossible to block the calls since they come from different numbers each time. 


I saw another post about robocalls but don't know if this was ever really solved. What can be done to shut them down?

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Re: Scam robocalls from fake "Google"

Hi HIDZINER and welcome to the support forums,


I would like to look into these calls you're receiving. Please private message me your full name, the full service address and the phone number receiving these calls. 

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