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Porting phone number from Vonage



I would like to port my Vonage number to my new Comcast Business Voice line. Is there an online form I can filled in? I was assured at least twice that I can port the number after the signed up process for Comcast Business Internet/Voice. But when I called in earlier, the person I talked to and his supervisor thought Comcast doesn't offer port in option. They did asked me to call in again during business hour but it would be nice to be able to file the request online instead.



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Re: Porting phone number from Vonage

Thanks for reaching out. You're in good hands and I will own this Issue for you and ensure that I provide the best help I can today. I will most definitely look into what options are available. If you're currently a customer, all I need is your full name, account number (follow link, account number is at the top right)and address including city, state, and zip code exactly how it reflects on the bill, and I can help you with whatever questions or concerns you may have.

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